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Prof. Dr. med. Konrad Taubert

Headaches and Migraine
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Harmonic Help

The following article is an extract from Prof. Dr. med. Taubert’s book:

‘Migraine and Headache Primer’
Professional advice for the self-treatment of
‘Migraine and Headaches by natural means’ in the revised edition

Prof. Dr. med.
Konrad Taubert

studied medicine at the University of Halle and underwent a further four years’ study to specialize as a physiotherapist – a course of study which did not exist in the Federal Republic, and which could be described as a scientifically-based training to become a naturopathic doctor.

During his years of study and practice in Halle, Dresden, Bad Koesen, Berlin and Mahlow, he familiarized himself with the naturopathic and modern aspects of his specialist area, became qualified in the areas of manual therapy, neural therapy, acupuncture and psychotherapy in particular and, in 1978, was appointed Senior Consultant at the hospital for Physiotherapy
in Neubrandenburg.

In the preceding chapters I have often mentioned Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. However, I have deliberately placed my report on this new natural therapy at the end because, for migraine and headache sufferers, it is of general significance in several areas – indeed, in my opinion, it is a useful complement to all forms of migraine and headache treatment.

In the first place, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is a simple and effective means of relaxing the body. Patients generally welcome it, as they find it very pleasant and also it does not require long or difficult learning at all – simply listening and enjoying is all that this therapy requires for best results.

But over and above the very important aspect of bodily relaxation, Medical Resonance Ther­apy Music, through its natural harmonization and activation of our subjective inner vital energies – that is the powers of our feelings, our mind and our intellect – is of great significance for the areas which I highlighted in the previous chapters on the psyche and on dealing with trouble and time.

A relaxed, balanced and joyful relationship with our inner energies, which Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music® demonstrates and re­in­forces within the listener, has a great positive effect on many factors which can relieve or even prevent a migraine – indeed, for very many migraine sufferers, it is one of the most important things they must achieve if they wish to put a lasting end to their suffering.

Here, the regular application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® can be an in­es­ti­ma­ble help.
The purpose of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is not to fight an illness, but to strengthen health. It achieves this in that, through the law of the resonance, it reinforces those natural energies within man which maintain and support his health.

The idea of strengthening health using a completely naturally structured form of music is very old and has its roots in the medicine of the high civilizations of the distant past. In our time, this ‘classical’ path is being again followed to modern scientific standards by the composer Peter Hübner.

According to the learned doctors of ancient times, the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music – that is the laws which govern from within the development of tones and sounds – provide us with a true representation of the all-encompassing natural laws of harmony.

If the natural laws of harmony are applied in completely naturally structured music – so they taught – these natural laws are capable of re-harmonizing and activating any of the listener’s vital functions which may have slipped into a state of disorder. For this reason the doctors of ancient times used such medically efficacious music as one of the most successful natural health restoratives.

In both of his works, ‘Natural Music Creation’ and ‘Natural Music Hearing’, the composer Peter Hübner describes how the human organism reacts as a resonance medium to music and how its natural functions and rhythmic processes can be harmonized or, indeed, thrown into chaos by music.

The latter occurs primarily when the music does not accord with the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music – like we now find everywhere.

If, on the other hand, the music is structured like Medical Resonance Therapy Music® according to the natural laws of harmony, it stimulates by way of resonance, the health-promoting energies within the organism of the listener and, in this manner, strengthens and harmonizes his natural vital functions.