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The Nuclear Disaster
at Chernobyl

The Application of the Laws of Harmony of the
Microcosm of Music in Chernobyl Medicine in the
Ukraine and in Belarus

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster has put the industrial nations’ professional medical world to the hardest of tests and, within only a few years, has revealed to the experts the limits of their previous capabilities.

Leading medical experts from all corners of the world have been tackling this problem – an international research and development plan of enormously far-reaching implications – in the course of which medical experts have forged completely new paths.

At all levels of physiology – from changes in the genetic make-up and changes in the blood composition to the widespread incidence of cancer – the Chernobyl nuclear disaster has produced numerous awful illnesses. And conventional medicine with its special methods of treatment looks hopelessly on, as the atomic contamination has so shattered the very basis of the people’s health that some individuals continually develop new illness, which then constantly require new methods of treatment.

This phenomenon really called for a holistic medical approach. For this reason leading medical scientists recognized a great potential in Medical Resonance Therapy Music, with its focused application of the universal laws of harmony of biological life, and research findings so far confirm that this holistic medical approach is correct.

A whole series of studies with Medical Resonance Therapy Music® are taking place in universities and scientific Institutions in other countries too, mainly in the western world. But the application of the laws of harmony of biological life in treating the contaminated victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is, without a doubt, the greatest medical challenge that Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has faced – as, of course, have all other medical treatment methods.