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Peter Hübner – Music as a Harmonic Medical Data Carrier
Music Therapy

“The scientifically objective definable and provable medical benefit can only be established through a musicological approach – comparable to that which we know from pharmaceutics: precise figures, precise formulas, clear and reproducible facts, just as Pythagoras had also demanded and, in doing so, established the foundations of our scientific age. And then here too, when knowledge of the material – of the microcosm of music – is sufficient, the desired scientific medical success is achieved, success which can be objectively measured and reproduced independently of place and time.”

Peter Hübner
And since in European musical history and seen from a musicological point of view, it is also a logical and systematic developmental process of ever more precise insight into the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, as a European one is the more inclined to think of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® as ‘music’. But this is merely a question of viewpoint.

One person might say it is music and, from the point of view of our European artistic musical tradition, one would have to agree with him. Another person, on the other hand, might say we are considering something which is pure information about the laws of harmony within the microcosm of music, and which merely appears to be presented in a musical form.

And he would be right too, for he is viewing it from another – the musicological – standpoint. I assume this is now clear.

The aspects of ‘medicine’ and ‘therapy’ now remain, and these are best explained by the learned doctor, mathematician and musicologist, Pythagoras in his statement that the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music and of biological life are identical – a matter of fact which modern chronomedicine has been able to prove.

Question: But how does a medicinal effect come about?

Peter Hübner: If the information about the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, itself enshrouded in music, finds resonance in the human organism with the corresponding information about the natural laws of harmony of biological life, an exchange of information and, where appropriate, a correction of information will take place, and this correction of information on the part of the organism means the recreation of the natural harmonic order of the biological system. And this means: ‘The healing process begins.’

Where the harmony in an organism is disrupted, the resonance between the information on order relevant to the microcosm of music and the current situation of the biological order produces a natural healing process.

This also accounts for the question I am often asked as to whether I have to be a medical practitioner or at least have medical knowledge in order to create Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.

Cognition of the natural harmonic order in the microcosm of music requires musicological insight into this scientific field of creation – completely detached from any other consideration, medical included.

And the presentation of the natural harmonic order in the microcosm of music requires the artistic craft of polyphonic classical composition, as possessed by our great classical sound creators.

According to Pythagoras and to the corresponding results of studies carried out in the field of modern chronomedicine, the medical success is ultimately down to the fact that the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music and of biological life are by nature identical.

A mathematician does not have to be a merchant, just because he also calculates with figures, and he does not have to be a physicist either, just because he works with numbers and formulas.

Mathematical formulas can be applied in every conceivable scientific discipline in every conceivable circumstance, without it being necessary that the person who devised the formula ever concerned himself with any one of those areas.

This is due to the fact that our brain is just one part of nature, and the naturally ordered functioning of our brain also naturally brings forth harmonic patterns of order which – however abstract they may be – can be applied in concrete individual cases to the most diverse concrete realities of nature.

I would like to take this still further. Just as it is sensible for the mathematician not to be a physicist, chemist or biologist because the tying up of his thoughts with the ill-defined structures of these fields would reduce the universality of his abstract observations and cognition, it seems to me that it would be more of a hindrance if, to achieve medical success in my work, I wanted to acquire some medical knowledge.

In my opinion, just concerning myself with one particular illness could wreck the general cognition about the phenomenon of health.

Harmonically structured music – including Medical Resonance Therapy Music® – does not consider that aspect of the illness at all – this would anyway precipitate itself in diverse ways as disharmony, but aims pure and simply at displaying the principles of well-being and, therefore, at displaying the natural patterns of order in the microcosm of music and information about the innate natural laws of harmony which are integral to these patterns of order. Is that now clear?