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Peter Hübner – Music as a Harmonic Medical Data Carrier
Question: Yes, so far.

Peter Hübner: Conventional music cannot be defined in a natural-scientific sense. Here we are talking about art and the freedom of art and artistic interpretation, and this extends from the sentiment of the pop song to the destructive fury of hard rock music.

To approach medical music in such a conventional musical manner would remove the scientific objectivity – this accounts for the failure of any attempt made to utilize any kind of artistic performance in music therapy – at least in so far as it can be neither defined nor evaluated scientifically.

The scientifically objective definable and provable medical benefit can only be established through a musicological approach – comparable to that which we know from pharmaceutics: precise figures, precise formulas, clear and reproducible facts, just as Pythagoras had also demanded and, in doing so, established the foundations of our scientific age.

And then here too, when knowledge of the material – of the microcosm of music – is sufficient, the desired scientific medical success is achieved, success which can be objectively measured and reproduced independently of place and time.

The transmission of information can indeed be a therapy, every doctor knows this and every psychologist and psychiatrist earns his living on the fact. And the harmonic information which the listener receives via Medical Resonance Therapy Music® produces a scientifically provable healing effect.
As such, it is a medically effective therapy – based on the resonance of harmonic information. And the harmonic information uses the sound as an information carrier.

In previous medical studies, experts have primarily concerned themselves with measurable medical parameters. On the basis of the apparent results of the research, they are now beginning to look more closely at the principles – how incoming harmonic information individually effects the body’s own internal harmonic information and how the body carries out any necessary corrections. But these studies are also largely governed by the general development of research into the brain.

For all of the reasons mentioned, it seems to me to be expedient to introduce Medical Resonance Therapy Music® to the simple listener as ‘medically effective music’ and to the expert as ‘a medically effective harmonic information carrier’.

Music Medicine

“The function
of the laws of harmony
in space and time
cannot be conveyed
by homophony;
for this one needs
polyphony, the counterpoint
and the fugue.”

Peter Hübner
Question: May I repeat the question, just to get it clear in detail? To what extent can Medical Resonance Therapy Music® be described as information?

Peter Hübner:
The information aspect comes from the musicological viewpoint. Medical Resonance Therapy Music® only represents the structural realities of the microcosm of music in so far as it uses these structures as information carriers for the transmission of information about the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music.